Chorus Re-Brand Roll Out

Through our unique project centric process, we worked alongside Chorus to produce and nationally distribute over 53 different items in under four weeks.

With a print management solution and strong relationships already in place, Chorus entrusted us to take charge of rolling out their new brand identity. Through a comprehensive briefing process, we created a detailed project plan and timeline incorporating their design agency, Chorus and multiple production partners to ensure all key milestones were met. Brand management was key, with over 53 different products ranging from forms to branded merchandise, there were multiple printing process and technologies required. We carefully selected the beset fit suppliers from our range of production partners to ensure a cohesive look and feel across all products. Full colour testing, matching and drawdowns across multiple substrates were all proofed and signed off before production began.
Managing the full end to end process with constant communication to the client, enabled us to deliver over 500,000 individual units on time and to the correct brand specification.